02 décembre 2009

All about fashion

Fashion is always a hot topic of concern for the object, in which each person is different from that of the fashion insights have different, including age, personality, their background, etc.Fashion can be our dress, which can be life.My grasp of fashion is a happy populace live with a little, in short our life style is everywhere, no boundaries, no age, she is everyone can have a subject, not a luxury, and understand that fashion ,T here are so many fashion products, such as nail products, bag filter,mil-c-5015.etc.

nd the jumper are in fashion now. The trainers are young people’s favourite. I think the trainers are beautiful and comfortable if they’re made of leather. Maybe we can jumper higher and farther.
 However, light blue is the best colour of the jean. They are long and tight. Maybe they are made of leather or cotton. They are very smart.

 I think the jumper is made of cotton. It is a little big, so it is good for us to do some sports. I like white. Because it is clean and beautiful!

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